Check Memory in Raspberry Pi

Check memory in Raspberry Pi with this short and simple guide. While checking those info may not be as straight forward as the more user friendly operating systems, the following can serve as a simple guide.

Check RAM Details

RAM details can be checked in 2 ways
1. Using Task Manager
2. Using Terminal

1. Using Task Manager

Open the Task Manager using the following steps

  1. Click on Start (Raspberry Pi icon)
  2. Select Accessories
  3. Task Manager

The Task Manager screen will look something like below and you can see Memory details here.

task manager ui

2. Using Terminal

Open terminal and type free, and then hit Enter


This will list down the RAM space details in a tabular format. All the values are in Kilobytes (KB)

For a more human readable format, enter the following to show the values in KB, MB and GB

free -h
free ram more readable

Check SD Memory Card Details

Open terminal, type df and hit Enter

> df

This will list out the total disk usage in a column format. All the values are in Kilobytes (KB)

df output in raspberry pi

To make it more human readable, type the following and hit Enter

> df -h

This will output in a similar column format but with more readable values in GB and MB

df -h output more readable

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