Redirecting from one website to another in dokku

dokku docker

Step 1. Install dokku-redirect plugin

dokku plugin:install

Step 2. Set the redirect to the new url

dokku redirect:set app-name

The app-new-web-url can be set to
Wasn’t able to use the http/https protocol before the url

Step 3. To redirect individual subdomains, the same procedure needs to be followed for all.
In my case, I also needed to redirect all to

dokku redirect:set app-name

Step 4. For the above to work, the needs to be set as a domain for the app-name, which can be done by using the dokku’s default domain plugin

dokku domains:set app-name

Step 5. If required to unset, can use

dokku redirect:unset app-name

Step 6. To check the redirects that has been set.
Could not find a way to see the redirects on all the apps.
To check for the redirects on any single app:

dokku redirect app-name

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