Feel Like a Millionaire

How do you feel like a millionaire even if the bank account says something else? Only if your health account says so!

He who enjoys good health is already rich, though he doesn’t realise it.


There are plenty of studies that tie health and wealth together. Following are a few ways to feel and stay healthy.

Drink Water

You might have heard it a million times, but have never properly implemented it. Drinking water will flush toxins from the body and keep the kidneys heathy. Staying hydrated will also help the stomach digest better, help blood cells fight infection, keep brain cells healthy, and the skin soft.

Silent Time

Spend some time everyday in silence. Some people call it meditation, but it can just be spending some time in silence. Just don’t do anything, without any chaos. This will help the brain to relax and perform our tasks better.

Do Stretching

With our sedentary lifestyle, and having to sit for hours at a single position, it can cause a lot of damage to our body. Do you have lower to mid-upper back pain? They it can be linked to weak hamstrings. We should be doing some stretching daily to relieve ourselves of this pain, though it may take a couple of weeks to show results.

Comfortable Posture

As we are spending a lot of time glued to our computers, it’s better to have an ergonomic work-area. Wear comfortable clothes and accessories. This will bring the happiness, resulting in better health.

Remind to be Healthy

While this mayn’t make sense, but reminding ourselves to be healthy has a positive effect on our health. It’s like our body listens to our instructions and stops from getting sick.


As human beings, we aren’t normally tied to one position. So sitting for long periods of time can actually be unhealthy for us. It’s always better to take the bum off the chair, and get around a little. Taking the stress of the spine, and doing some leg work around is a great health booster.

Relax the Jaw

Like stretching the body, it’s also important to work on the jaw. Our emotions do affect the stress n the jaw. Make sure to be aware of this, and help the jaw relax, and see its effect in other body parts.

Build Happiness

Do things that make you happy. Also try to make others happy. Happiness has a lot of correlation to health. The more happy you are, the healthier you are going to be.

Avoid Pollution

While this might not be easy, specially if you live in a polluted area, you should be doing this to remain healthy. Try to avoid specific places which can deteriorate your health. If possible shift to some other location. With a good surrounding, you can feel improved respiration, nasal passages, blood circulation and happiness.

So what are you waiting for. Just money won’t be giving you a lot of happiness, if you aren’t healthy. So feel like a millionaire with improved health and happiness, and probably a little money.

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