How to Prevent Banking Frauds

Follow these tips to prevent banking frauds from happening with you, this world where scamming has become common.

  1. Never disclose personal details like card numbers, PINs and OTPs to anyone. Financial institutions like Banks never ask for usernames, passwords or any other bank details.
  2. Do not read emails and/or messages that look suspicious. Never trust an email that asks for any personal information.
  3. Do not download or open attachment from unknown sites and/or people. Do now download apps from unknown sources. Always read and restrict permissions to apps downloaded into the mobile phone.
  4. Always use strong and unique passwords for you online presence. A good password has a combination of UPPERCASE, lowercase, numbers and special characters.
  5. Never use public WiFi connections for making any financial transactions.

You can prevent banking frauds by keeping the above in mind. Read more on finance related articles here.

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