How to Make a Good First Impression

How to make a good first impression has always been one of most sought after questions of all time. Why wouldn’t it be, when it only takes a first few minutes of interaction with someone to decide the course of the relationship. Be it personal or professional. So making the first impression is vital.

Here I have laid out a few pointers to keep in mind to make a good first impression on someone you are meeting:

  • Be present on the decided time without fail.
  • Dress well for the situation, as you are for sure going to get judges based on your appearance.
  • Maintain eye contact as it’s the best nonverbal form of communication.
  • Always wear a smile, as it puts people at ease and makes them feel welcome.
  • Lean a little forward towards them so you seem attentive to them.
  • If standing, make sure to fully turn towards them, to have their full attention.
  • Listen intently with the focus on their opinions and feelings, rather than trying to judge based on facts.
  • Do not interrupt while they are talking, but do not hesitate to ask follow up questions, as that shows that you are actually listening.
  • Little bit of subtle compliments here and there won’t hurt.
  • Try to see if you have any common interests.
  • Do not hesitate getting a laugh out on your own expense.
  • Avoid criticisms and complaints during the initial conversation.
  • Don’t dwell on the difficulties of your own life. Rather talk about your passions and interests.
  • Try to discuss on different topics, so it doesn’t get too boring.

Remember that most people like themselves to be the funny/interesting person and not the other way around. So use the above knowledge in your next first encounter, and you should be able to set the right mood for your future endeavours.

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