How to Leave Work at Office

One needs to leave work at office to have a more meaningful family and personal life. Either you are a workaholic or are having to churn a lot of hours to give a comfortable life to your family, it is possible that you aren’t being able to leave work at the office and give your hundred percent at home.

Here are a few steps that might help you to get off the work hook from my mind when you reach home.

Change your Commute

When faced with a difficult and stressful day at work, change your route home. You can split the journey into two parts. During the first part, think about the things that you achieved at work during the day. In the second part of the journey, look forward to your day with t=your family and all other things that you are going to do outside work. This should help separate the work from your mind by the time you reach home.

Boss at Work isn’t the Boss at Home

Just because you might be an important person in the office, doesn’t mean you can command the same respect at home too. Learn to get off the role, and switch to family mode when at home. The same applies to when you are not so important at office, but want to get the ego boost at home. Do not try this.

Venting your Feelings

Everyone gets frustrated once in a while, and need to vent out the feelings. Once you reach home, take 10 minutes off the family and find a way to vent your feelings out. You can ask help from your spouse or a family member. They can listen to you, but at the end of 10 minutes, stand up to your part of the equation and stop being part of the work environment.

Stop being Omni Connected

In the=is omni-connected world, it’s difficult to detach from the technology world. When it comes to work, it might be fine to work some nights or weekends, when an important project is running on deadline. But most of the time, it is good to keep electronics switched off. No peeking just because you are curious.

Ask ‘How your day has been?’

As human nature, you might feel the urge to talk about yourself, the moment you reach home. But, first ask your spouse about hoe their day has been. Most of the times, just listening to them would divert your mind to house related tasks, and divert from office work. Also, you might get some bonus points for being interested in household work.

What’s more Important?

Keep in mind that no one is going to miss you in office, if you aren’t there. But your family is going to. It is key to remember this, so that you know where to spend you time. This will help you to control the urge to get involved in something that is not critical, at non-work hours.

Block some Schedule for No-Work

Book a couple of days a week for doing no work. This time-slot should be blocked in your calendar, and shouldn’t be available for work no matter what.

25% Rule

Make sure to leave 25% open in your calendar for emergencies. This time shouldn’t be used for office work, but can be used for emergencies only. Else this time can be used to accomplish smaller tasks reserved for off-hours.

Get up Early

This is difficult I know. But it’s the best way to structure your life for happiness and prosperity. If you are continuously getting less time for your family and work, then this is the best way to create some space in your life. The early morning time can be used to accomplish a lot of tasks.

These are some things that I do in my life constantly. While it’s difficult sometimes, but helps keeping my life in order. Again, it’s not easy, but not impossible. If I can do it, then you can too.

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