The Landing Zone

The landing zone is one of the cornerstones to reach an organised home. This is a simple step that can change your organisational skills to the next level.

Often when we reach home, we might be having some items with us. Like the laptop bag, groceries, or some other items. The landing zone will be a small area which would hold these items, thus preventing an unorganised house in the first place.

We might be reaching home exhausted from wherever we might be coming from. And this is the best time when the organisation rule is least observed. All we can think during this time is how we can just toss around the things, change clothes and relax. We are too occupied to keep the things in place. So it makes sense to have a place to land those things as a routine. This will help avoid disorganisation from the start.

Learn the Secrets of the Super Organised

The landing zone should be around the entrance of the home, which is most used. This should be the first place to find when you enter the home. And the idea is to land everything there before proceeding into the house. This can be a small table, or something else. But is should have a landing place for your most used things. This will make sure that you have a place to keep your things like wallet, keys, watch, etc. on your way in. This way you also know that you will find those on your way out. You can also have hooks for your bags and jackets.

Mails can also be handled the same way. Have a box to handle those mails. Then sort and go though them once a week, while having a cup of coffee. Complete any task that needs urgent attention, like paying a bill, and dispose the others out. By having a particular time of the week to sort through those mails, it will reduce the stress from not reading the mails.

The landing zone should keep you one step ahead in maintaining an organised home.

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