Find Inner Serenity by Keeping the House in Order

A lot of people achiever Inner Serenity by getting control of the clutter around them. This gives a great sense of calm and decreases frustration.

One should start with keeping the house clutter-free, by following the below points:

  1. Get rid of magazines and newspapers as soon as possible. A newspaper doesn’t need to be stored more than a day, and magazines for more than a month.
  2. Try to figure out where to give the things away, before starting with a declutter effort. This will save a lot of time and frustration own the line.
  3. Keep things at exactly the same place every time.
  4. Do not buy Souvenirs. Keep a digital copy instead.
  5. Keep an empty place somewhere, to keep things which you aren’t sure of where to put. Remember, this is a temporary placeholder, and you should get things out as soon as possible.
  6. Try to keep all surfaces as bare as possible. If you don’t use something everyday, it should be out of sight.
  7. Never buy things on impulse, and specially from thrift stores and/or sales.
  8. Do not accept things for free, unless you absolutely need it.
  9. Do not keep things broken. Fix it as soon as possible. Replace broken glass, bulbs, etc.
  10. Hang up the coat.
  11. If you have things you do not where to use, but don’t want to part with them, then keep those in a special box. This might never get used, but you would always know it’s there.
  12. Never fill a closet or a drawer to the brim.
  13. Have enough hangers for the clothes.
  14. If you have unfinished things, like food, books, movies, etc., then do not buy a fresh set until these things are complete.
  15. Always keep important things in stock. Like band-aids, toothpaste, stamps, batteries etc.
  16. And do not hoard things that you use less often. Like vase, pots, grocery-bags etc.
  17. Before going to sleep every night, tidy up everything that looks out of place.
  18. Make your bed every morning.
  19. Have a place marked for things that you want to give away. Put everything that should be ridden off here.
  20. If you aren’t able to find something, then it’s time to clean up your house.

A clean house is the path to inner serenity.

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