Add Custom Domain in GCP App Engine

Adding a Custom Domain in GCP App Engine is a great way to have an application live without worrying about configuring a server.

Google Cloud Platform or GCP provides App Engine to deploy and host applications without worrying about infrastructure. Google also provides one App Engine for free in it’s generous free tier. So it’s a great way to host hobby applications.

App Engine > Settings > Custom Domains > Add a Custom Domain

app engine settings

It will open up this window

add domain info

Put in your domain info, and click verify

verify with google webmaster tools

It opens up the Google Webmaster Tool to verify that you are the owner of the domain name you provided.

add subdomain to point to

Point which subdomain you want to link to this App Engine. Default can be www, but you can specify any other subdomain too.
Click ‘Save Mappings’

It will validate the mappings, and then you can click ‘Continue’

And now you can update your DNS settings in you webhost with the settings provided by Google, and wait for a few minutes for the DNS changes to propagate. Your domain/subdomain should now successfully show the application running in App Engine due to adding the custom domain in GCP.

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