5 Steps of the Writing Process

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The writing process can get pretty tricky and requires some pretty hard work to publish a post that keeps the reader engaged.

From a reader’s perspective, searching for information should not be like finding gold. Readers should not have to scribble through numerous sections to reach the right information. With very little attention, readers should be able to find what they are looking for as soon as possible. Keep the readers engaged by making sure that the key information only makes the cut.

Sometimes having to remove words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs can be little daunting, as you were the one who wrote it in the first place, and may have developed some attachment to those. But one needs to remember that, at the end of the day, it’s the readers who matter the most. Keeping them engaged and satisfied should be the final essence.

1. Eliminate

Be ruthless with eliminating words, sentences or even paragraphs when required. Follow the 10% rule to eliminate. If your post is of 1000 words, do everything to bring it down to 900 words. Remove things that wouldn’t change the sense of the post.

2. Format

Would a different format make more sense to the reader? Check if a list would be easier to convey information? Try variations. The reader should be able to easily make out the key points of the article.

3. Trim

While repetitions can be helpful, it may sometimes become tedious and obnoxious to read. Better to remove repetitive content and message weakening conjunctions like “so”, “yet”. Try to make as much direct statements as possible in an active voice, rather than in passive voice.

4. Revise

Revise the article to make sure that it doesn’t require anymore extensive change. The article should answer all of the reader’s questions on the topic, and should flow with ease. Make sure that the article isn’t missing any important elements, that might have been overlooked in the previous steps. Make any tweaks as required.

5. Proofread

One should never try to skip proofreading, as it’s one of the most important aspects of writing. Check for spelling, punctuations and grammar. To take your revisions to a better level, try the 10-step proofreading checklist.

Final Words

You might be wondering if it’s really needed to go through all these steps of the writing process? It’s not completely necessary, as everyone’s writing style might be different. Some people mix up different ways to get the right output. But one should always try to revise and proofread the articles before positing them somewhere.

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