Lessons from Google on Self Image

Self Image or what we think of ourself, is the torch bearer of how successful we can be. Google’s journey over the last decade can teach us a lot about the science of getting a better self image.

Self perception is one of the most difficult things to master. Even if it seems simple, it can get difficult to understand how self perception change can affect our success. As it is said,

Self Image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment

High self-esteem can be both beneficial and detrimental to life. One can succeed like anything with positive self image, and fail miserably as well, if not maintained properly.

The same rules also applies to companies, where a positive self image can push the company as positive about its product. And this perception is going to show in the adoptance of the product by the customers. One company that shines in this Google.

Things that can help with positive self image are

  1. Not Necessary to Change – While it might seem that you may need to do a lot of things to stay ahead of the pack, you don’t necessary need to. It’s better to do the things that you are already are doing, albeit in a better way. Same applies to Google, when it has kept track of its main product – the Google Search Engine.
  2. Become successful in one, and use it to grow in another – Try to refine the core strength in the things you are already good at. Then use the confidence built-up, to become better at other aspects, in which you may not have become good enough. This also applies to products by companies. Like in case of Google, once they became better with search, they have started multiple other products.
  3. Don’t rush – Do not rush into doing things. Take your time to make things better in the aspect. If you take your time, you can be great at creating one truly amazing personality. Same applies to creating products. Take the time to create a truly world-class product.
  4. Be confident from the start – Even if you do not know what and when are you going to achieve, be confident that you do. It will cover up the insecurity you are having, and others will believe it too. This goes by the saying,

Fake it till you make it.

If you take a look at Google while launching new products. It seems that they have got it all together, and they know what they are doing. If that would have been the case, why they continuously fix bugs, and provide new features. Everyone learns on the go, and tries to get better over time.

So, when you start on to make a better self image, take a look at what Google is doing to maintain and better its self image.

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