Secrets of the Super Organized

Become super organized to get your life in order. An unorganized messy home is going to seep into every part of your life. So it’s always preferable to get your house uncluttered and clean. A few simple habits can go a long way to get your house organised.  

Some of these ideas might seem obvious and you might have heard a hundred times. But not using them in the daily life is where the problem lies. If your life and house is in mess, then you need to start working on those. Start with a couple of them, and try to pick up others over time. Initially implementing those might take some time, but over time it should take less. 

Reduce Items

While most people try to organise everything they have, it can be too complicated if there are a whole mess of things. The same thing applies with time. If the schedule is already jam-packed, it’s difficult to organise these. The solution is to eliminate and reduce things. Try to simplify it as much as possible. If you reduce your closet from 100 items to only 10 most used items, then it won’t be difficult to organise. Same goes with time. Rather than packing the schedule with 10 items, reduce them to the top 3. Use things only what you like to use regularly. Donate the others to someone more needy. Or if you want to keep it, then do so in a storage box with the date.

Write Down

Our mind is capable of doing awesome things, but we have been bugging it down with mundane tasks. Like remembering things, which we often forget anyway. So instead of using the mind as a storage, write down the things that you want to remember. These information can then be processed to to-do items and added as a calendar activity.

Have 1 Box

Just have one box to process things. Keep every piece of paper or information in a single box and process them. Tossing those at different places will defer the actions, and it is going to create a pileup. Same thing applies to emails.

Have a Place for Everything

For every type of item you own, have a separate place. For example, all pens/pencils go in one place, the keys go in one place, etc. This will make sure that you never lose any item, or spend a lot of time trying to locate one. Just make sure that every time you pick one of the items, put it in the same place back, without deferring it.

Putting Things Away

Most people put things away to be done at some future time. The deferred work is going to create a lot of pile up and would require a lot of effort to clean up. So rather than deferring, if you have something to do at a later time, put them in the right place to be picked up at the right time.


Always try to clean things at the same time everyday until it become a routine. Also cleanup things as soon as they are used, like utensils post a meal. Do not let them pile up to do at a later point in one go. The huge mess would be difficult to clean, and you would feel overwhelmed doing so.

Once you get the home super organized and uncluttered, you can enjoy the pleasure it brings. But to make sure that you don’t get to the clutter again, make sure to create routines for keeping the house organised. Some things might need to be done everyday, while some can be done every week or month. Just keep those systems running, and the house will remain super organized.

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