Set Wallpaper in Raspberry Pi

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Setting wallpaper in Raspberry Pi can give some eye relief, which doing some mundane activities on the mini computer. As it can get boring looking at the default wallpaper from the PI community, you might want to get a little fresh air sometimes.

There are majorly 2 ways to set wallpaper in Raspberry Pi. One via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the other via the Command Line Interface (CLI)

Set Wallpaper via GUI

  • Go to the desktop
  • Right Click anywhere on the screen
right click and select Desktop Preferences
  • Select ‘Desktop Preferences’
wallpaper raspberry pi
  • Click on Picture > aurora.jpg (any name that is selected for wallpaper). This will open up the File Manager and you can select any of the default wallpapers or use one that you have downloaded.

Tip: Raspberry Pi OS default wallpapers are stored in /usr/share/rpd-wallpaper

You can also change a few more things like the Layout, Color and Text Color for the Desktop.

Read more in-depth on setting wallpaper and various other settings. Or you can click here, to read more on technology related items.

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