Surround Yourself with Progress

Surround yourself with Progress to beget more Progress.

The normal tendency is to discard the list of action steps, once it is complete. But many successful people think otherwise. They tend to keep the list to relish upon their progress,

It’s easy to come up with ideas and brainstorm the execution steps. But it’s very difficult to actually take the action to completion. Creative professionals get constantly bombarded with ideas, which makes it difficult to actually be able to execute them. So, while working with long-running burdensome projects, a completed action list makes a great motivation tool. So we shouldn’t be throwing away the relics of achievement. We should instead be converting to an inspiring monument to look back on. A ‘Completed!’ wall is very good reminder to us about how far we have come.

So go ahead with decorating the workspace with a ‘Completed!’ wall. We all do surround ourselves with arts and imagery that can motivate us. So why not a piece of art that is our own making. What more inspiration than the things we ourselves have achieved.

If you are like me, then you would very well know the feeling that we are not short of ideas, but rather the organization and discipline to execute them. So, we should be surrounding ourselves with testaments of our own actions. There is no better motivation to work forwards than the action we have already taken.

So, surround yourself with progress, and there will always be something to motivate. Read More.

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